Private label – why is it worth it?

Private label – why is it worth making it with us?

More and more consumers appreciate private label products. The growing popularity of these products and awareness of their quality make investing in a private label attractive. Find out why you should consider introducing your own brand of chocolate products to the market.

What is a private label?

Private label is a business model in which the production of articles is outsourced to specialized companies and then they are introduced to the market under their own brand. And you can do it with us 🙂

How do consumers perceive private labels?

The old associations of private labels with low quality and low prices no longer apply. Customers realize that private label products are often as high quality as those of well-known brands. The good reputation is supported by attractive packaging and professional visual identification.

Benefits of private label products

The popularity of private labels is increasing not only because of quality. A private label is often the first choice of consumers, which benefits both them and entrepreneurs.

Optimization of production costs

Outsourcing production to an experienced company allows you to avoid high costs associated with maintaining a production line and a team of employees. This also minimizes the risk of production errors and guarantees high quality, which allows products to be introduced at a lower price.

Develop your offer

A wide range of products can be offered under your own brand, which allows you to meet various customer needs and increase your competitiveness.

Explore new markets

Private label enables the introduction of new products to the market, providing a competitive advantage and access to new market segments.

Choose the best sales channels

With your own brand, you have full control over distribution, which allows you to choose the most effective sales channels and maximize profits.

Private label with Cocoa – why is it worth it?

  1. Organic ingredients of the highest quality

This has been our distinction since the beginning of the brand’s existence, i.e. since 2009. Back then, consumers were just noticing the value of organic products and learning the markings of organic farming – today it is a standard, and the group of conscious consumers is growing day by day.

2. 100% vegan production

You will not find any ingredients of animal origin in our products. Our “milk” chocolates do not contain a gram of milk, but they are equally tasty.

3. Taste guaranteed

Many of our new customers are surprised that vegan products can be so tasty. We break stereotypes that vegan flavors taste different than traditional ones.

4. Unusual combinations

We boldly test various innovative solutions – the keto line, chocolates with dietary supplements or chocolate with hemp oil. We are open to different ideas.

5. Various products

Our offer includes chocolate, but also coated products, chocolate lollipops, biscuits, chocolate couverture and special occasion figurines.

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